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About us

About Leap Franchise Consulting

Husband | Father | Energy Franchise Broker 

I believe the different aspects of our lives (work, family, ministry, etc.) are meant to be integrated and as we mature the integration makes our lives into a beautiful tapestry. A significant choice for me was integrating family and profession. I sought a career where I could have financial freedom and work with my family. I believe many people want something similar, but don't know the avenues to make that feasible. That is why I became the Energy Franchise Broker.  

The journey started in 2008 when I joined the Navy to see the world... I was stationed in Oklahoma for 7 years--"we plan, God laughs." It was a gift I never expected. The Navy and several Oklahoma families reinforced the power of integrating family, work, and ministry.  The Navy fostered my love the freedoms and people our Country represents. The families in OK revealed the power that comes from ministering together as a family. The time was transformational for my wife and I.  

Then we moved to Virginia in 2016 to help build a family business. We left financial security and the most affordable state with 5 children to a start-up family business in one of the most expensive regions. It was an enormous LEAP of Faith and it had soaring results.  

I was able to work with extended family to help the center grow from 2 locations to over 13 locations within a couple of years and incorporate my children into marketing efforts. We ultimately franchised the model and launched nationwide. Within 2 years of that, we had over 20 franchises nationwide and became "The ABA Franchising Company." It was amazing.   

Then with 8 children and a small farm, my wife and I decided to become LEAP Franchise Consulting--a second "LEAP of Faith." We are a franchise broker and business development company that specializes in franchising and the energy industry. As a Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC), I represent hundreds of franchises in over 20 different industries, but focus on energy concepts.  Our Mission is to help guide you through the "LEAPs of Faith" with the right franchise concept so that you have "Soaring Results!"

LEAP stands for the "Lord Establishes All Purposes." Whenever we make a bold career shift like building a company, it not only tests our aptitudes, it tests our faith. As the Proverb puts it, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Our prayer for all our clients is that both their plans and God's will align.

We believe an energy revolution is coming and that franchising scales not only the acceptance of the technologies, but creates an energy independence, financial freedom, and courageous spirit for the families willing to make that LEAP. 

I am passionate about consulting others as they make their "LEAPs of Faith" to launch energy businesses, and have soaring results with the strongest energy franchises.