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3 Energy Franchises Driving Change

63% of Americans are hopeful that corporations will drive social and environmental change in the absence of government action (Cone Communications). Therefore, we the people, ought to drive the change based upon the opportunities that the energy industry offers. There are three energy franchises in particular that provide that opportunity to the aspiring entrepreneur: HHO Carbon Clean Systems, Solar Grids, and SuperGreen Solutions. They each present a different value proposition that anyone could rally behind.  

Who is HHO Carbon Clean Systems?

First off, HHO Carbon Clean Systems offers a mobile preventative carbon cleaning service that significantly helps reduce carbon buildup of diesel fleets. They are making an enormous impact in lowering the emissions of the automotive industry while increasing the performance and fuel efficiency of transportation fleets. Carbon buildup lowers performance over the long term, hinders the fuel efficiency, and increases breakdowns. For the cost of a premium oil change, HHO can lower emissions by 70%, save customers 9% on average for fuel expenses, and increase their engine performance by 7%. This franchise is a low cost, easily scalable opportunity that has HUGE margins for the business owners, greater than 80%.

Right now, the transportation industry and agriculture industry account for almost 40% of the emissions in the US (EPA). HHO’s service has the potential to benefit ALL internal combustion engines. Already, they have provided services in the agriculture, construction, and marine industries in addition to the automotive industry. Tractors, garbage trucks, cement trucks, school buses, and combines are all potential customers. HHO Carbon Clean Systems has a powerful offering that benefits the environment and fleets.\

Who is Solar Grids?

A second franchise that offers huge dividends for the aspiring business owner is Solar Grids. Solar Grids has a strong executive team with over a decade of experience as leaders in the solar industry. They are posturing themselves for the long term as the energy franchise. They want to add proven technologies as they become available. If you want to own your own solar panel sales company, they have the back office infrastructure to provide the expertise, support, and installations for you. They are an innovative energy franchise with a unique offering.  

Solar Grids is especially unique in how they structure their value proposition. Instead of a royalty of 5-10% off of your top line (Gross Revenue), they care about your bottom line. They do a 70/30 split of the profits. This emphasizes that they care about your long term profitability. They prioritize your expenses being minimum and your margins being high. If you are interested in a sales-based model, Solar Grids has a strong proposition.

Who is SuperGreen Solutions?

The third franchise in the energy sector that has a strong value proposition is SuperGreen Solutions. They are the most established energy franchise, founded in 2009. They are “proud to be a ‘one stop energy efficient solutions shop’ that uniquely combines international and national group buying power with the small town values of personal service, range and quality” according to their COO, Garry McDowall. They focus not only on the sales and installation of solar panels, they offer electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, and air purification solutions.  

The electric vehicle market is soaring, and expected to continue to grow. “7% of U.S. adults said they currently have an electric or hybrid vehicle, and 39% said they were very or somewhat likely to seriously consider buying an electric vehicle the next time they’re in the market for new wheels” (Pew Research). As it stands, SuperGreen Solutions, is the only franchise that offers a solution to meet this demand.  

There are franchises that put the opportunity into your hands whether you are interested in solar, automotive, or renewable energy industry. The strong economic opportunity presented by these three franchises emphasize that the social drive and environmental change can come from you.  

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